Brightwater’s Story

Water connects us. It’s the backdrop to our celebrations and the forefront of our activities. We see its stillness reflected in our serene pace of life. We see its brilliance shining throughout the vibrancy of our main streets. This is our neighbourhood village within our city, with its rich history deeply entrenched in the industrial fabric that’s shaped Port Credit. This is Brightwater.

The Brightwater Community

Residents, businesses, and the public alike will be part of a truly complete, connected community that is rising on the shores of Lake Ontario in beautiful Port Credit. From the 18 acres of open space, including its five public parks, and on-site retail, this modern and expansive new district honours the area’s rich heritage while pairing it with inspired architecture and an unparalleled urban charm.

This first-class community is made for 21st century living. Whether you’re dining at a local restaurant or taking a stroll along the Waterfront Trail before dipping your toes in the blue waters, the conveniences of Brightwater will have you effortlessly embracing your new resort-like lifestyle.


The first phase of Brightwater Towns will adorn the western edge of the community. The exclusive release of 106 homes, with a planned occupancy of spring 2023, will sit adjacent to public walking trails, just steps from the waterfront. Unique features of these 3+ bedroom towns include landscaped front lawns, private walk-ups, expansive private terraces, flex spaces, spacious private garages, and more.


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