Arts and Culture at Brightwater

BrightArt brings accessible artistic and cultural experiences to residents, guests, and visitors of the Brightwater community and the Port Credit neighbourhood. Sponsored by the Port Credit West Village Partners, BrightArt puts artistic and cultural experiences in easy reach of every resident and guest in the Brightwater Community. Immersive experiences, cross-cultural art and music events, showcases for local artists and performers—BrightArt brings art to Port Credit.

Watch this space for coverage of current, upcoming and past events.

The Portals


An Immersive Art Exhibition at J.C. Saddington Park, Port Credit

The Portals are massive octagonal walk-through gateways with LED-lit mirrored interiors and richly decorated exteriors. They have previously materialized in Ottawa and Toronto, and, thanks to BrightArt and the Port Credit West Village Partners, they have now appeared in Port Credit along the shores of Lake Ontario. At every stop, each Portal is transformed into a new creation by a local artist, whose work reflects the environment and history of the surrounding area.

Camera-ready and family-friendly, The Portals invite visitors to step through the gateways and contemplate the unique message that each one holds. Visit after sunset for some extra enchantment as the mirrored interiors light up against the backdrop of the lake.

The Portals vanish from the shores of Port Credit on August 31st. Visit before they go!
The artists selected for The Portals’ time in Port Credit have all made powerful statements about life in our community. Click below to meet the artists and learn more about each Portal.

Amanda Shotton
“My piece represents how I see Port Credit, full of life, and beautiful! Going through my installation makes you feel like you are going under the bridge in Port Credit, seeing the fish swimming in the river, watching the water as you walk under the bridge or paddle across.

The iconic lighthouse has so many heartwarming memories, where we celebrate many occasions and events! And how Port Credit values nature, from protecting the beautiful old trees to preserving the natural life of the waterfront. I absolutely love taking my three boys to Port Credit, as it offers a rainbow of culture, stores, restaurants, and it is a place I love to call home. I am a member of the Arts on the Credit, and the Mississauga Arts Council. You can find me paddling the Credit river, running on the waterfront trail, and my fine art greeting cards at Zest for Living.”

Jennifer Hall
“The beauty of Port Credit is that it connects nature to the city. While I myself am drawn to the area by the Credit River and the waterfront there’s no doubt that the culture that exists in the businesses and events held in the area adds a beautiful and intoxicating contrast.

The abstract inspiration seen here is a representation of both these parts. Imagine as you will, both the flow of the water and the bright lights of the city.

I’d design the outer edge of the ring with the simplicity of this design while allowing for more of a story on the outer faces. Connecting the elements – earth, air, water and fire as part of a timewarp into the past and the origins of the Credit River/ Port Credit Area.

The base of the ring will be blue for water, the bottom sides earth, followed by air on the midtiers and fire (replaced by light) is a nod to the Port Credit Light House at the top. One side will represent the day and the other will represent the night.

As a lifelong resident of Mississauga, I’ve always been drawn to the Credit River. Most weekends in the summer were spent in the Port Credit area where my uncle’s boat was held in the marina. The rich history on the area has always had its roots in the nature and natural landscape that Port credit provides.”

Joanne Feely de Graaf
“On hot, sticky summer days the trees hum with life. A distinct sound fills the air around the urban forest of J.C. Saddington Park, making the air feel heavy with the vibrating sound; this is the song of the cicadas.

The heat of the air and the unique creatures that make this sound are my inspiration for the portal mural I propose. It celebrates these tiny creatures that are a part of the natural summer ecosystem, both in Mississauga’s numerous waterfront parks and backyards. This design will invite visitors to imagine crossing into a world filled with this vibrating sound, hosted by winged musicians, as they allow their senses to be overcome with the colours, textures, shapes and form of the portal.

The background of the design is filled with warm, vibrant colours, organic lines and shapes inspired by cicada wings in a close-up, stylized view. Hovering in the foreground are different sized cicadas rendered in a graphic line style, using cool colours. These contrast against the background and seem to hover and vibrate visually in the air. Pearlescent accents on the surface catch our eye, making gossamer wings shimmer, echoing the reflective surface inside the portal gate.

Given the unique canvas sizes of the portals, the design is meant to wrap around the edges to pull the viewers’ eye to all surfaces, offering visual appeal and connection. The ground level base would echo the same colours and shapes as the portal walls, with larger scale, cool coloured cicadas, beckoning the viewer forward. While these painted insects offer a visual song, unlike their real life inspiration, this song can last into cooler months bringing vibrancy and life to the J.C. Saddington Park for as long as the installation remains.”

Khaula Siddique
“I am a self-taught artist who has called this area home since 2013. I feel truly grateful to live and work in an area that has so much natural beauty and my favourite muse, the lake surrounded by all its native species of fauna and flora.

My children have grown up enjoying picnics, activities, the festivals and the food that Port Credit has become well known for and we have spent countless evenings enjoying the native wildlife on our nature walks.

My design celebrates the childhood nostalgia of long, carefree summer evenings spent by the waterfront. The magic of the natural world is depicted by the silhouettes of the local species, both animal and plant, in vibrant gradient colours, to represent life, movement and change. The portal for me is a magic door to go back to that childhood wonder, when even the simplest things held fairy-tale like charm; the beauty of all the shades of blue in the waves, the cool evening breezes coming off the water, the glimpse of a blue heron or egret, the flying fluff from milkweed and dandelions. I want to take visitors back to that time through the portal, a little trip to remind everyone to slow down and appreciate the beauty, spirit and natural wonders of Port Credit.”

Ashley Beerdat
“My proposed design honors the unique spirit and waterfront lifestyle found in the Port Credit community by celebrating the classical elements of the environment, particularly air and water. Port credit is a place where people come to feel closer to nature and the land.

It provides a place of rest and play on the waterfront. I decided to explore the intersection between these two elements to honor the spiritual and physical nourishment the thriving Port Credit community provides. I included the open air and wind of Port Credit that provide a space to breathe and reflect. I wanted to capture the warmth from the sun, and cool wind in the skies. I incorporated elements of science fiction to represent the idea of moving towards a vibrant future for Port Credit represented by the flying space machines and jewel tone colours. I also included the rich biodiversity of Port Credit represented in the bottom panels where I utilized cool colour schemes and abstract flowing water patterns.”