Construction Updates

Stay current on all that’s happening at Brightwater as this master-planned community moves towards completion. Regular updates on construction, newly added phases, and more will be posted here – check back soon!

BW I & II - We have been welcoming residents to Brightwater I & II. Brightwater I is now fully occupied, and Brightwater II is almost halfway there. We can't wait to meet everyone! Hardscaping and landscaping are starting now as the weather warms up - March 2024
The Mason - Windows are being installed on The Mason, and the tower will soon be completely enclosed. This will allow us to begin the interior work very soon! - March 2024
Brightwater Towns - Brightwater Towns are at various stages of construction, with framing being completed on some homes, and roofs getting installed on others. We can't wait to see the exterior cladding getting applied! - March 2024
Brightwater I is currently occupying! Welcome to your first residents at Brightwater! We couldn't be more excited. - October 2023
The Mason is making great progress! We are currently on the 8th floor and we're almost at the top. - October 2023
Framing of the Brightwater Towns is well underway and things are moving quickly. Roof trusses are starting to get installed on the first blocks of townhomes. - October 2023
Hardscaping is in progress in our Village Square and around Brightwater I. We can't wait to gather with you in this space in the next few months. - October 2023
Brightwater II will begin occupancies in a few months. Balconies are almost complete, interior work is well underway, and that green roof is looking stunning! - October 2023
Brick and cladding are starting to get installed on the exterior of the future home of Mississauga's first Farm Boy location. Stay tuned for more! - October 2023
Many of the parks at Brightwater are green and lush! Grass seed has been planted and the grass is growing well. It is great to see some landscaping taking place! - August 2023
The Village Square is taking shape, and so is the future Farm Boy (top of photo). We can't wait to see activity in these areas soon! - August 2023
Masonry is complete on Brightwater I and interior work is well underway. In a few short months we'll have residents moving in. We can't wait to welcome you! - August 2023
The Mason is above ground. You can start to see the tall ceilings and open space that will make up the lobby and ground floor. - August 2023
The Brightwater Towns are progressing well and are at various stages of construction, from footings to foundation walls and slabs! - August 2023
The roof is being completed on our timber frame building in the Village Square. Soon this roof will support a green roof that is not only visually pleasing, but great for the environment - March 2023
The first step of the LIDs (Low Impact Development) has been completed. In the near future, this system will be used to filter stormwater before heading to the lake, as well as sustaining plant life to support the ecosystem - March 2023
As we explore sustainable solutions to heating and cooling, we have begun digging boreholes to test the feasibility of geothermal at Brightwater - March 2023
The retail buildings along Lakeshore are starting to take shape as the steel structure progresses - January 2023
The Village Square is coming to life with the timber framing of this architectural centerpiece taking shape. The outline of the waved roof and scale of this building are becoming notable - January 2023
Windows are almost complete on Brightwater I and interior work has begun - January 2023
Brightwater II has reached the 9th floor and is quickly getting taller - January 2023
The low impact development bioswales are being placed into the ground throughout the Brightwater site which will be part of the future city infrastructure. Right now they just look like concrete boxes, however when complete, they will be home to several different native species of plants and aggregate materials that will use centuries old technology to naturally filter water runoff from the city streets towards the lake and support a green ecosystem with beautiful plants above ground - November 2022
BW II has reached the 6th floor - November 2022
BW I has reached the top! To the left side of the photo you can also see the beginning of the curved roof structure of the commercial building framing the future village square - November 2022
Brightwater I & II are reaching the fourth floor.
The Village Square is taking shape!
Brightwater I & II are starting to come out of the ground. Construction is progressing on to the second and third floors - April 2022
Brightwater I/II Now Under Construction - September 2021
Brightwater I/II Now Under Construction - September 2021
Brightwater I/II Now Under Construction - September 2021